Goal- Ensure social justice and culture of peace by promoting human rights education

Justice and Peace

The north eastern states have a history of ethnic conflicts. The reasons for conflict are varied. There are geo-political issues, structural and systematic, identity crisis, and discrimination of human rights violations as well as involvement of external forces. The causes are so deep rooted, inter-linked that it has almost developed as a culture of violence. The prolong conflict situation had actually affected all groups of people across communities. There are increased and systematic structural violence, injustice, corruption, land alienation, poor and week governance and the resultant is poverty, slow development, human rights violation, migration and unemployment, youth unrest, etc. It has also affected in psychological, behavioural and attitudinal among children and youths.

Civil Society Organizations across NE states have taken up campaign to transform the culture of violence into culture of peace through human rights education and non-violent conflict transformation mechanisms. ASHA was one of the partner organizations of one such Peace Building programs since 2012.This was a very impactful program whereby children in schools and youths in communities have been trained on the non-violent conflict transform mechanism which will have long term impact on their minds and behaviour.

Peace building is a fast emerging theme in education and early childhood. Starting peace-building education in childhood is of paramount importance. There is evidence that integrating peace education into Childhood Education has a positive impact on child's social and emotional development, and reduction of behavioural problems later in life. Evidence shows that well-designed programs can help children's willingness to play with others (including those different from themselves), ability to understand how being excluded makes one feel, and ability to recognize instances of exclusion without prompting.

ASHA under its Paralegal program has also initiated working with village institutions for conflict transformation through human rights laws and mediation process to reduce inter as well as intra community conflicts, to protect human rights and work for development to promote social justice and peace building.

Goal- Ensure social justice and culture of peace by promoting human rights education


  • Promote peace education among 750 children and 400 youths in 16 Holy Cross Schools and 5 Government run schools.
  • Enable the capacity of 200 community based institutions to ensure justice and peace and work towards development.